The Khandallah YMCA provides a fun and safe play and learning environment for children aged 5 – 10 years.  We provide a wrap-around service to the school community: before school care, after-school care, and holiday programmes.  Each day we provide at least one organised activity (e.g. art/craft, science/technology, dance/music) along with free play which follows the children’s interests (e.g. sport, art, dress-ups, reading, playground, making things).  Afternoon tea is a heart-healthy snack – including fruit.  We take a strengths-based, appreciative approach to building a positive culture – where our focus is on enhancing self-esteem and encouraging the pro-social behaviour.  We have a strong values base emphasising caring, honesty, respect and responsibility – and encourage the senior children to step up and help run the programme. Our leaders are caring and inspiring young people, who serve as role models while engaging with the children and keeping them safe. We encourage new parents to visit our site prior to their first day. To organise a site visit please contact us directly. 


Email: khandallah@ymcawellington.org.nz

Ph: 027 839 5370

My name is Leah Kininmonth.  I am the Centre Manager for the Khandallah YMCA, and staff trainer for the YMCA Greater Wellington.  My background is in psychology and business, and in addition to my work at the YMCA I am a writer, coach and facilitator.  I have three grown daughters, and my role as a parent has been to nurture their development as unique individuals and foster their inspiration.  I seek to bring this approach to my work with the children and young people at the YMCA.  Getting out in the bush is my favourite out-of-work pastime as part of an ongoing commitment to wellbeing.