Group Fitness Sessions

Get fit and have a blast doing it at the YMCA!

There are plenty of things that can feel like a barrier to exercise – age, fitness level, experience, coordination, flexibility… but none of them should hold you back! At the YMCA, we have all manner of group fitness classes to suit every ability. There’s no time like the present to work on your wellbeing – and physical fitness is a big part of that.

From low impact tai chi and yoga, through to high-intensity step, spin and boxing, you’ll find a group exercise class that will match both what your body can do and what you want to do.

Each class is led by an instructor who is well-versed in the activity they coach – but additionally, all YMCA instructors are passionate about helping you get the results you’re after, as well as making sure that everyone has a really good time in our group fitness classes.

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Group Fitness Classes


This 45– 50 minute class is for everybody. It will develop your cardiovascular strength and endurance like no other workout. Your instructor will lead you through different styles of rides with motivational music and class instruction.

Core Xpress

A 30 minute challenging workout focusing on the tightening and toning of core muscles. It will improve your functional strength and mobility using various muscle groups. You will really feel the benefits.


A 50 minute class focusing on core muscles, flexibility and building strength. This helps to improve posture and breath control through better breathing techniques.

Muscle Max

Build the body you want with a variety of weight bearing and body weight exercises designed to build muscle, tone the body and create definition.


A 75-minute class that increases joint mobility and spinal flexibility. Promoting strength and breathing techniques, enhancing body, mind and spirit.


A 40 minute spin and pilates fused class. Get the best of two great classes in one. Cardiovascular and endurance from spin then focusing on core strengthening and flexibility through pilates.

Ys Boot Camp

A 35 minute HIT style class (intervals), using body weight exercises, a step and sometimes barbells. It lifts your intensity creating great fat burning, increasing your fitness and strength. Suitable for most fitness levels.

Step Resistance

A 45-minute class. 20 minutes of stepping to get a great cardio workout, then grab your dumbbells and get an all-over toning for upper and lower body. Then hit the deck and focus on abs and butt. Suitable for all fitness levels. A great way to get fit and strong.


A general low impact fitness class. Simple to follow and fun choreography. Suitable for all fitness levels. 15-20 minutes low impact cardio/simple choreography. Then grab your dumbbells and get an all-over toning for upper and lower body. Then hit the deck and focus on abs and butt. A great way to get fit and strong.