2019 Annual Staff Awards & AGM

2019 Staff Awards & AGM

This year the Annual General Meeting took place at the Lowry Bay Yacht Club on Tuesday the 14th of May. The meeting provides a valuable insight into the work of staff over the past year and gives everyone across the organisation a chance to reflect on the year gone bye. We celebrate the triumphs, the community impact and to hear stories from YMCA programme participants and partners alike.

This is YMCA Greater Wellingtons 153rd AGM and today the meeting was opened by CEO Brendan Owens. Many of you will be aware of the YMCA Values, but today we focus around the YMCA pillars which are in essence why we do what we do. These are Family, Youth Development, Healthy Living & Social Responsibility. which bring structure to the business and our vision.

We had the pleasure of hearing from local Labour MP Ginny Anderson who gave us an insight into the work going on behind the scenes to strengthen mental health, homeless and children’s services and to strengthen and support the community.

Board Chairman Grant Baker took a stand with Brendan Owens to present and congratulate the staff awards.

Y – Values Award. This award recognises a staff member displays the YMCA values (Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility) in absolutely everything they do.

This was awarded to Stephen Palmer.

Stephen works tirelessly for the Y, working across 3 of our business units – camp, gym and raise up. He has been with the YMCA for 7 years and continues to do anything for the betterment of the Y and the young people that he works with.

My Y Moment Award. This is Quite simply it’s “Y” we do what we do at the Y and to realise our impact and the steps along the way to fulfilling the Y’s mission.

This award went to the House of Horrors event run at YMCA Upper Hutt, executed by Debbie Huston-Tupou & Stephen Palmer and the Raise Up crew.

All involved in this event went the extra mile to make this event successful. The Raise Up crew did an amazing job of planning, organising, creating props, and putting together costumes in the months leading up to the event. The organisation and team work on the night led to a smooth-running event and hundreds of the local community attended. It was a privilege and wonderful to see the development of the young people of Upper Hutt into confident and strong leaders of their community.

Innovation Award. This award is open to any staff member, programme or centre that has implemented an innovative initiative in their respective field.

This award went to Nicole at YMCA Masterton for the Kia Kaha Ake programme.

Nicole and her team at Masterton Rec have progressed during the year with more innovative programs and services. Kia Kaha Ake gives under 5’s an opportunity to play and recreate on bright colourful and sensory equipment. They have done a fantastic job of introducing this to the community and have seen hundreds of participants take part.

Outdoor Educator of the Year Award.

For staff that display excellence in outdoor education in everything they do.

This award went to Tim Mitchell.

Tim started at KOEC at the beginning of 2017. He began as a level one instructor and since then has worked hard to become one of our senior instructors delivering outdoor programmes at a very high standard every week. “His warmth and charismatic energy is what I believe fast tracks his bond with each and every kid. Gaining their trust so they feel free to be the best version of themselves”

Children’s and Youth Staff Member of the Year Award. Displays excellence in everything they do, to all working in Children’s Services and Youth Staff .

This award went to Joanne Thomas.

The Belmont OSCAR Centre is as great as it is thanks to Jo’s leadership and direction. She gets on with the task at hand, always with a positive attitude.

She’s dedicated to her staff, kids, the center and the YMCA as a whole. She is always the first to offer to help others and has been a great support to many staff members across the organisation.

Manager of the Year Award. The Manager of the Year award recognises the Manager (Program, Centre or support service) who shows outstanding management to not only their respective function (Program, Centre or Support Service) but to the good of the entire Organisation.

This award went to Amy Moreland.

The work she has done has been amazing and has created a ‘family’ culture for OSCAR and makes her staff feel heard and understood. Has connected her staff to feel part of the YMCA community and centre managers now work better as a team as a result of her efforts. Nothing is a problem to her and she makes us all feel proud of what we do. She lives all the Y values in and outside of work. She led the 100% compliance result in the recent MSD Audit. She has shifted the culture around safeguarding significantly as we want to be the leader in ensuring our tamariki cherished and has a result.

Staff Member of the Year Award.

This award needs no introduction and is voted by all YMCA peers.

This year the award went to Deanna Holman.

Deanna is an awesome person to work with, she is a humble, trusting person and full of kindness. She is always willing to go the extra bit to help anyone she can. Deanna puts in 110% everyday, continuously at camp past her normal working hours and always shows the YMCA values which rubs off onto others. She is seldom recognized for all the hard work she does, and really deserves this award.

To close,

Aside from successful capital and revenue growth We have had a very successful year in 2018 at a time where legislative changes have had a significant impact on our expenses. Much of this success is down to our amazing staff, management, board and volunteers Much of and challenges that we face as individuals and as an organisation, we managed to recognise the hard work that all our staff have helped us achieve.

We must take a moment also to thank our funders and donors for their generous contributions to aide us with the work in the community and standing with us with our vision. Finally, a thank you to the board – Brendan Owens (CEO), Grant Baker (Board Chairman) and Rhys Barlow (Trust Chairman).

We look forward to next year!

For further information on YMCA Pillars and community impact, please see Annual report at; http://ymcawellington.org.nz/index.php/about/publications/