With an array of classes on offer all specifically designed to get the endorphins flowing, leave you feeling worked out and like you’ve earnt that glass of weekend wine we thought we would breakdown our top five to start your January off right!

Coming in at number five we have Muscle Max, this full body weights-based workout is designed to get you toned, build muscle and create definition. Muscle Max uses your own body weight along with gym equipment. Resistance training is great for weight loss as it boosts your metabolism (studies suggest this boost can last up to 24 hours) with a faster metabolism you burn more calories which equates to better fat loss. Building muscle will also mean that you naturally burn more calories, win-win, right?!

Number four we have Thai Box, based on Thai Boxing this non-contact 45-minute high-intensity workout will leave you sweating, gasping for that water bottle. Comprising of functional movements, boxing and kickboxing this workout will ship you into shape and defuse your frustration in no time. Boxing is not only great for cardiovascular fitness it is also great for general conditioning which transfers to your everyday life making you feel great!

Pilates comes in at number Three. Great for your core, flexibility and strength, there are a plethora of health benefits from taking regular Pilates classes, these include but are not limited to the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, improved posture, increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing, stress management and relaxation. Pilates is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts with each exercise focusing on form and breathing to get the best results. We offer four Pilates classes a week, so do not delay, sign up for your first class today!

In at number two we have Spin, our classes have it all, we focus on strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery. This ride will take you up and over hills, round mountains and across deserts all within our group fitness room. Spinning not only burns heaps of calories (up to 620 an hour) it increases lung capacity. With our classes, you can set your own pace, start off slow and build faster, however always remember you only get out what you put in! Do not forget your water bottle and towel for this class, you will get sweaty!

Our favourite class sitting at number one is Yoga, we offer two classes a week both suitable for complete beginners and experts alike. Yoga is our number one class as there are heaps of great health benefits, in fact, it’s like all the above rolled into one class! Yoga improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, improves posture, ups your heart rate and helps with mental health and mind clarity. The benefits of yoga are honestly endless! Yoga has been around for thousands of years since Pre-Vedic India. It is now practised all over the world by an estimated 2 billion people! If you have never tried, sign up to a class and give it a go, it could be the best ‘yes’ you ever say!

All our classes at YMCA Upper Hutt are available for casual one-off for non-members, however, members get full access to all classes included in the price of their membership. If you are interested in joining the gym, please check out our range of membership options online!